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We are an association of Non-Denominational Holy Spirit led Churches, Ministries, and Ministers with locations around the globe.

         CMAI was established in the mid 70's to provide a legal and spiritual support network for non-denominational full gospel churches, ministries, and ministers. Originally their focus was to support these churches located in the NW section of the United States. Since the beginning however, CMAI has grown and currently provides the spiritual and legal support for churches and ministries all across this country, as well as, churches and ministries around the world. The heart of CMAI is to support the local church as it grows and flourishes meeting the needs of the neighborhoods they are located in. Although we have member churches and ministries in other world countries, we recognize that the primary mission field of a church is in it's own backyard; reaching the lost for Christ and edifying the saints for the work of the ministry.

        We welcome sister churches, ministries, and ministers seeking association with CMAI.  While our original purpose was and is to provide legal covering for current and future members, the heart of CMAI today is to promote an increase in spiritual growth, and fellowship with like-minded churches, ministries, and ministers. Because of the longevity, growth, and established outreach of CMAI, Associate Members are able to enjoy the recognition of being connected under a global oversight entity, while at the same time maintain their independents from the typical rigors of a traditional mainstream denomination. This concept allows the Holy Spirit to move within each Associate Member as He wills to tend to the  personal needs and growth of their members.  This also allows Associate Members to play an intricate part in the global outreach for Christ.

Members Corner

This soundtrack "Timothy" was submitted by one of our members. The voice over is truly an eye opener regarding the church's need to engage with this young adult generation for Christ.

CMAI Staff

History repeats itself and the book of Hebrews addresses believers wavering toward leaving Christianity and going back into their comfortable works based religion. Hebrews is probably more relevant today than the day it was written. In the future countries will fail, current economics will crumble, and life as we know it today will drastically change.  As time draws to a close the superiority of Christ and a relationship directly with the One True God through the blood of Jesus Christ, will be the only powerful thing we will have left to hold on to. We must first know what that power is and second learn to trust that that power is actually holding on to us. Philippians 1:6

The church as we know it today will need to change or it will continue to weaken. There is a definable spiritual line between the Muslim religion and that of Christianity. The greatest problem is that the Muslim community is growing in unity, size, and strength; while the Christian community seems to becoming more fragmented over their individual denominational interpretation of the true word of God. In the since that religion in itself draws the follower closer to an obligation to that religion; both Christianity and Muslim are similar in that currently both seem most focused on drawing people to their religion, increasing in numbers, and finding fault in others. And both truly believe they are right and the other is wrong.

Today churches have almost become competitors for the same people over different types of worship music, lack of dress code verses professional attire, and fleshly ordinances of righteousness verses the unbridled freedom from any requirements. Here in the bible belt there is almost a church on every corner much like fast food business all offering their flavor for the hungry seeker. Few are actually doing what Jesus told us to do which is to preach that the kingdom of God is here and to take that message out to the people. We do not read where the church was intended to draw people into the building, but rather to equip the saints for the work of the ministry which is outside of the church building. As a whole the church today seems more focused on filling seats and converting people to their religion of Christianity. Jesus never told His disciples to convert people to Christianity, but rather preach that the kingdom of God is here. The kingdom of God is founded on it's citizens, "Christians", having a personal relationship with God through the shed blood of Jesus Christ and not on our actions.

The book of Hebrews addresses the superiority of Christ over any religious way of life. It teaches the believer the power of the gospel, the freedom from religion, and how to live the full Spirit led life God designed for man to have from the beginning.      

A 24 Lesson study Study Guide on the book of Hebrews will soon be provided by Dr. Jones, and will be added to the Education page for anyone to learn or teach from.

In the meantime a 44 week, line by line bible study on Hebrews was recorded by Dr. David and Robbye Jones in 2016. These bible studies are recorded from there "Live" Tuesday evening Bible Study which is free to join on line or by call in. These bible studies are available to listen to or download for free,  going to The Power of Grace Ministries Bible Study Page. (Details on how to join this live bible study are also found on the Bible Study page)

Bishops Corner      

In the Apostolic Age of the church that we read about in the book of Acts, it's easy to see that they had something that many Christians don't have today. The people that came did not come to be entertained. They came to learn about the love of Jesus Christ and to learn how they can be a part of reaching other people's lives for Jesus’ kingdom. When one became ill they all prayed and believed together for healing. When one was in need others came to the rescue. When one had a gift of prophesy, exhortation, or music they joyfully brought it to the church free of charge because they knew that was God's gift that He had given to them to bless His church. We read where they fellowship with one another and knew one another, pray for one another, encouraged one another and even went from house to house praising the Lord and enjoyed the love they had for each other. By their own heart’s desire they chose to share in each others lives. The First Church was more than just an example; it was the epitome of true community of like-minded believer’s fellowshipping together because of the blood of Jesus that had been shed for each of them. We read where the pastors and the apostles knew the people they taught. Evangelist, profits, pastors, teachers, and even other apostles were raised up from within the body, and were blessed, and sent out to spread the good news; not held back out of fear of competition.

They didn't have the best musicians, a fancy stage, high-tech lighting, or killer sound system. No one seemed to be building a mega-church or multiple campuses. We do not read where any of the apostles rented the coliseum or amphitheater, and then send out mailers and advertisements inviting the whole city to come hear them preach. We read where churches did grow and God added to them daily. People came because the power of God moved through their midst with healing and answered prayers were coming forth. Lives were being changed and a sense of purpose was instilled in the lives of those who came. The body grew with what each joint supplied. They recognize that this was more than just a new religion; for once there was an opportunity to have a relationship not only with each other but with the one true God, and their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Today many Christians drive for miles past several smaller churches to set in their church of hundreds or even thousands and are entertained by great musicians or big-screen presentations. And yet they know very little about the neighbor that sits next to them in the pew or the person they nod hello to in the parking lot. Some, a few will actually get together for lunch after church, but will never contact each other the remainder of the week. Many pastors today spend hours preparing their sermons that will be appealing to the ears of the hearer. Others prepare their sermons with fire and brimstone using powerful Scripture from God's word in effort to guide their flock in a direction that they believe is best. And yet how many pastors today truly know what is going on in the individual lives of those they shepherd. Does your pastor know and pray for you?

As I said the First Church in the Apostolic Age from the book of Acts had something that many Christians around this country do not have today; in fact they had the very thing I believe most people today are hungry for. The believers in the First Church knew that God was real and understood the love of Jesus Christ. They knew the price He paid for them on the cross because of the love and fellowship, and the power of God that move so freely within their midst's. The apostles, pastors, and teachers of the First Church knew and understood the lives of the people they taught - because they lived it alongside with them. Today people in this world want to know that they are not living in this world alone. People today want to know they have a purpose and if God is real they want to see Him move in their lives and not feel condemned by Him. And when they have a need, or pain in their heart, they are hoping for that need to be met with sincerity.

Welcome to CMAI,
Dr. David Jones
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